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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ASTROLOGY Discover the Cosmic Wisdom, find out how Destiny unfolds,and how You Become You! Astrology is more than just 'Fortune Telling'. It is a way of life and a philosophical system.It is even a forerunner … Continue reading
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Private Classes

You have always wanted to study astrology, but you never found the right teacher and you were not sure which way to go.  You have read books, listened to podcasts, watched videos, but it still feels disconnected, and hard to … Continue reading
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General Information Consultation is done:   Online using zoom. Can be recorded.Session time:                   Up to 90 minutesPayment Method:          PayPal, VenmoPayment Schedule:       No later than 3 days before … Continue reading
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Meira Epstein, C.A, NCGR-PAA ** Certified, professional astrologer since the early 80’s.** Technology Director and webmaster on the Board of NCGR** Education Advisory and professional Online Testing design on the Board of  NCGR-PAA. ** Teacher on the Faculty of New … Continue reading
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