Discover the Cosmic Wisdom, find out how Destiny unfolds,
and how You Become You!

Astrology is more than just ‘Fortune Telling’. It is a way of life and a philosophical system.
It is even a forerunner for the scientific exploration of relation between Time and Space, of action-at-a-distance, and even of the ultra-modern notions among some astrophysicists, proposing that the Universe is Conscious ! 

And, yes, astrology is about ‘Seeing the Future’.¬† As the natal chart reveals one’s Destiny, it also implies and describes the preset path – the trajectory that takes us in that direction.

Astrology is proven empirically, through millennia of human observations. It is based on observing the movement of the celestial bodies and on universal symbolism, that continuously  adjusts itself to cultural and historical variations in the human experience.

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