Meira Epstein, C.A, NCGR-PAA

** Certified, professional astrologer since the early 80’s.
** Technology Director and webmaster on the Board of NCGR
** Education Advisory and professional Online Testing design on the Board of  NCGR-PAA.
** Teacher on the Faculty of New York City NCGR
** Creator and teacher of the NCGR Online Education program, preparing students for the four levels of the NCGR-PAA Professional Certification Program, including chart calculations & astronomy.

** Speaker at national & international conferences.

** Specialties:  Hellenistic/classical astrology, as well as the Uranian System.

– Translations of the Medieval Hebrew astrology texts of Abraham Ibn Ezra.
– “Excellence in Astrology” – comprehensive workbooks for Certification Exams.
– Articles published in the US & Europe.

** An extended parallel IT career of 20 years as a computer programmer-analyst for a major Wall Street bank.

Ursa Major – The Great Bear Constellation