Uranian Astrology


The Uranian System, also known in its original name The Hamburg School, was founded by Alfred Witte (1878-1941) and came to light in a series of lectures given by him in Hamburg, Germany, to the Kepler Circle in the years 1919-1923. It was carried forward by his friends and supporters Friedrich Sieggruen & Ludwig Rudolph, and later by Hermann Lefeldt, who transcribed and published his ideas.

The Uranian System in the USA
From Michael Feist (Hamburg, 4/6/18):  “Chicago 1936-2018”

The system was introduced into the USA by Richard Svehla, who named it “Uranian Astrology” for the very first time in front of a larger audience at the All American Astrological Convention in Chicago 1936. Svehla gave two lectures: “The New German Astrology (Hamburg School)” and “The New Uranian Astrology”.

Since that time Witte’s Astrology had an own name in the States. Known and excepted worldwide today. It’s important to point out, that “Uranian Astrology” settled in the States and got asylum, during the time it persecuted and suppressed in Germany. Already in the same year, 1936, the sale of German edition of the “Rules for Planetary Pictures” was prohibited in Germany. This was a hard strike, because the German Edition was a comprehensive book which includes: Interpretations, Rules, Houses, Examples, Ephemerides and an instruction part into the Uranian Astrology.  A prohibition of this important book, was similar to a ban of Witte’s astrology in Germany. (The general astrological ban came 5 years later.)

Chicago 1936 was a breakthrough for Alfred Witte’s Uranian Astrology in the USA. Richard Svehla was conscious in his wording of the American name for Witte’s system — the capital letters of “Uranian System of Astrology” gives back: USA (!)