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Sefer Yetzirah
The Book of Creation or Formation

Translated from Hebrew by Meira Epstein, with transliteration and commentary, and with special Attention to the underlying philosophical origins, ancient Jewish Mysticism, Cosmology and Astrology.

Sefer Yetzirah is known by name to many, but few have knowledge of its contents and what it represents. Throughout the centuries it has been studied, interpreted and commented on by numerous scholars, mostly intrinsically, interpreting the mystical doctrine on its own. Modern academic research tends to looks at it historically, possibly as an ancient ‘scientific’ text on numbers and letters. In this publication, my goal is to make this text accessible on a simple, primary introductory level, while highlighting fundamental philosophical issues that underlie this work. For those who would like to try reading the Hebrew, I have provided English transliteration. The commentaries reflect and combine the fields of interest that are close to my heart – ancient Jewish mysticism, Pre-Socratic Greek philosophy and Classical Astrology.
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