Learn Uranian Astrology

Introduction to Uranian Astrology
Get a first look at the fundamentals of the system. The Uranian system does not replace Traditional Classical astrology, but amplifies it and opens up new possibilities, revealing nuances that might be missed otherwise. 

ASC and MC – The “I” and the “Other” in the Uranian System  (watch Lecture given at Kepler College group)
In traditional Astrology the ASC-1st House and its Ruling Planet signify the “I” –the Immediate Native– Body and Mind and Persona, while the 7th House and its Ruler signify “the Other” or “Others” – Friend or Foe. The MC-10th House and its Ruler signify elevation in life, rank, achievements,  superiors, authority, and the Mother.
In the Uranian System the MC carries the personal attributes of the Native – the “I”,  while the ASC is associated with “others” in the environment.
This lecture aims to resolve this ‘seeming contradiction’ and show how it all, actually works together.