Books-Ibn Ezra

The Beginning of Wisdom 
(“Reshit Hochma” – ראשית חכמה)

 by Abraham Ibn Ezra

Translated from Hebrew by Meira Epstein, with annotations by Meira Epstein and Robert Hand.

The book covers the foundation of astrology, including an extensive description of the constellation, a complete list of the Arabic Parts – the Lots.

“The Beginning of Wisdom is a one of the most important of the basic medieval texts of  astrology. Originally written in Hebrew by Ibn Ezra it was translated into old French by Hagin de Juif …. ”      — Robert Hand 
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The Book of Reasons  
(“Sefer Ha’te’amim” – ספר הטעמים)

 by Abraham Ibn Ezra

Translated by Meira Epstein, ed. Robert Hand.

“With this and subsequent translations of Ibn Ezra’s works we have our first translations directly from the original language of Arabic Era astrology. Although Ibn Ezra was a Jew and wrote in Hebrew, his astrology is mainstream Arabic Era astrology completely free of the modifications that were often made of Arabic astrology by the Christians who translated the Arabic works into Latin”   
  — Robert Hand.                                (contact to buy..)

The Book of Nativities and Revolutions 
(Sefer Ha’Moladot Ve’Ha’Tequfot” –  ספר המולדות והתקופות)

 by Abraham Ibn Ezra

Edited and translated from Hebrew Manuscripts and annotated  by Meira Epstein, with additional annotations from the Latin Translation by Robert Hand.

Moladot is primarily about the signification of the astrological Houses in the nativity. Yet, it starts out with the question which astrological doctrines, as well as religions, have always had to grapple with – the issue of the fate of the individual within that of the collective, as it appears at times of great catastrophes. The question is always whether all the people who perish in a collective disaster have death indicated in their charts all at the same time. Another issue touched upon is astrology’s answer to the famous question of Nature vs. Nurture, i.e., how astrology reconciles with the influence of the social and natural environment the native is born into.
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