General Information

Consultation is done:   Online using zoom. Can be recorded.
Session time:                   Up to 90 minutes
Payment Method:          PayPal, Venmo
Payment Schedule:       No later than 3 days before the appointment.

Essential Data Needed:
– Full Name
– Date of Birth
– Time of Birth (as accurate as possible, from birth-certificate)
– Place of Birth
– Where you currently live

Contact Information Needed:
– Your email,
– Phone number (mobile)
– General availability schedule, etc.

Consultation Options & Cost

Individual – 1 session:         $325     (Natal, Life Trends & Predictive work)

Individual – follow-up session:       $290  (Current Events & Cycles, What’s Next,  Predictive work)

Couple (relationship) session:       $425 

Special Occasions

Ask a Question and Get an Answer :    $95
Ask a specific question per a specific situation (known as Horary astrology)

Planning Life Ahead – Electional Astrology – 1 sessions:        $375  
Electing optimal time for important events in your life, such as wedding, start of a business, buying a house, and more.
The consultation includes a personal reading.

Relocation & Astro-cartography – 1 session:        $370
Know what to expect when you are moving to a new location.
The consultation includes a personal reading.

Rectification – 2 sessions:   $625
Natal chart rectification is necessary when no accurate birth time is available. It is done by using important previous life events, like “reverse engineering” the chart to figure out the exact moment of birth.  The exact moment of birth e
nables the astrologer to work with you on future life development.