General Information

Consultation is done:   In person, or online using zoom. Can be recorded.
Session time:                   Up to 90 minutes
Payment Method:          PayPal
Payment Schedule:       No later than 3 days before the appointment.

Essential Data Needed:
– Full Name
– Date of Birth
– Time of Birth (as accurate as possible, from birth-certificate)
– Place of Birth
– Where you currently live

Communication – Please Provide:
– Your email,
– Phone number (mobile preferred)
– General availability schedule, etc.
– And, of course, your Birth Data

Consultation Options & Cost

Individual – 1 session:         $300
What’s going on, and the direction life is taking you

Individual – 2 sessions:       $570 
Same as above + follow up in-depth on special needs

Special Occasions

Ask a Question and Get an Answer :    $95
Ask a specific question per a specific situation (known as Horary astrology)

Electional – 1 sessions:        $370 
Electing optimal time for important events in your life:   a wedding, start of a business, buying a house, etc. The consultation includes a personal reading – current and future cycles

Relocation – 1 session:        $370
Also known as Astro-Cartography:  Know what to expect when you are moving to a new location. The consultation includes a personal reading – current and future cycles.

Rectification – 2 sessions:   $600
Natal chart rectification is necessary when no accurate birth time is available.
Done by ‘reverse engineering’ of the chart, using important life events.
First session – thorough exploration of life events.
Second session – conclusion and a full personal reading.